Friday, July 30, 2004

Sixth Blog

Well, here we are again!

Seems that I am not alone in my thoughts of peoples attitudes to bikers!

What they forget is that we are human beings.  We don't go round whirling chains above our heads to scare the life out of everybody.

We also have wallets and more than likely, credit cards, which we can use to spend on the local economy.  But if people don't treat us as normal, we won't open them!  We will go somewhere else!  If necessary, we will go abroad.

What about charges on toll roads then?  So a bike is charged at half the rate of a car on the M6 toll!  Pah, how is this justified!  we don't cause conjestion, we ease it!  They should pay us!  So I'll drive through after 11pm to reduce it to 50p!  What a joke when even the Forth Road bridge recognizes that we are beneficial and do not charge.

Its the weekend tomorrow!

When I have finished the tiles you know what I will be doing

Aaaaah, the wind through my airvents, the purr of the boxer through my earplugs, the blast of my twin horns when yet another car pulls out in front of me.  Did'nt see ya!  You did'nt bloody look!

Safe riding


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Fifth Blog

Ha! Just when you thought it was safe to enter this blogsite, I'm here again!

I have just returned from sunshine, showers, sand, sea and wind on Menorca. I have the tan to prove it.

Mostly scooters on the island although we did spot an old but sweet sounding BMW cruising the harbour road at Mahon.

This was while we were witnessing the disgorging of thousands of passengers from the good ship "Butlitz"

Upper sun decks for 1st Class had blue carpet. The plebs had green decks! A significant number stayed on board to keep their sunbed places!

You will realise that I do not see the point of a cruise in the Med being coccooned, or is that sardined? with many others going somewhere but nowhere!

other things done recently include a ride on the bike to see the motoring extravaganza that is Mellerstain!Great fun, free parking and good weather

Wonderful examples of old cars and bikes, most of which are used on a regular basis, not as museum pieces.

Winding along the Scottish Borders back roads, at reasonable, not warp speeds, is a great tonic to go with the gin. (After we got home of course!)

Saw a great site for travel to russia, check this one out!


enough for now

safe riding!

Friday, May 28, 2004


What I want to know is why are bikers served with social exclusion orders? I mean everyone comments on the camaraderie between bikers and seem surprised when we act like human beings doing normal things like shopping talking relaxing etc.

Walk into a cafe restaurant hotel and watch the expressions change. On the continent, bikers are accepted everywhere because everybody has been one, probably on a moped when they were younger.

Anyway, this sounds like a rant more than a blog, so its off to the weekend and paint some windows! Then onto the road and see some countryside

Here endeth the fourth post

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Third post

da daa da daa da daa

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Client maintenance is like bike maintenance

Oil the squeaks and polish the shiny bits!

Come to think of it, get rid of the bits that don't work anymore.

Tune it up every once in a while. That blows out the soot!

Here endeth the second post

Monday, May 24, 2004


Clouds are gregarious

Whenever they gather together they create a lot of noise

I prefer the ones that dot a blue sky and don't drop anything on us

Biking in Scotland is brilliant in the sunshine, not so good in the rain

Here endeth the firstblog